Global Manufacturing Facilities

Gravita Group is one of the Leading global business group of India, operating as manufacturer and exporter of Lead Metal and its products. The Gravita Group manufactures Lead Metal by Smelting and Re-cycling process which is further extended to Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxide (Litharge, Red Lead & Lead Sub-Oxide). The group owns ten Lead Smelting facilities in operation presently; out of which 5 are in Asia, 3 in Africa and 2 in Central America. Apart from Lead processing, Group is engaged in Trading of Lead Scrap, Lead Ore, Lead Concentrates, Lead Battery Scrap and Lead Products Globally. Group also provides Technical Consultancy and execution on Turnkey Basis of Lead Smelting & Recycling Projects.

Company is planning to expand it’s manufacturing base in various geographies in India and overseas. The aluminium division is part of company’s expansion strategy in other non-ferrous metals to utilize its competitive strength.

Gravita Group is managed by a team of professionals, having experience of more than 23 years of Lead Metal Industry. Gravita is committed towards providing low cost Lead & Lead Products with highest level of quality. Group believes in versatile services & ethical business practices by preservation and protection of our natural resources. Our operations are certified to ISO-9001 by BVQI (UKAS) and confirming to ISO-14000 guidelines. For more details, you may visit our Company’s website


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